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 (Latest Update 19/03/21)

Before you start, if you are at a loss as to how a Reflector works checkout this Link - HERE first.The following guidelines are specific as to how the Club has structured our Chatsite & Forum. 

#TAGS - Messages (Postings)

  • There's a fairly extensive section on hashtags in the system Help at - HERE . In principle, you are inserting a keyword in your subject line to help people find your message. They provide an additional feature by which one can filter messages and topics for following/searching. Effectively the # provides a 'Categorisation' similar to Blog Sites.
  • How to FOLLOW a specific Hashtag - Go to the home page at . On the left-side menu bar, pull down the Hashtags menu and select "Followed". On the resulting page, click the "Follow a New Hashtag" link at upper right. Enter the desired information into the resulting form fields and click the +Follow button
  • The default Message Selection "All Messages" sets you to receive all but those you mute.The Message Selection "Following Only" sets you to receive only those you follow. With the optional modifiers of "First Message Also" and "Auto Follow Replies".

    MUTE and FOLLOW there refer to both Topic and Hashtag based.

    Combining Following Only with Auto Follow Replies gives one an email setup similar to many web-based message boards. You receive email copies of postings only when you choose to follow a topic, or when you start or reply in a topic. Adding First Message Also to that gives you a way to learn of potentially interesting new topics/hashtags to follow without having to go to the web site, and without seeing all the replies to the uninteresting ones.

Find a Message Using It's Hashtag

First change from Topic to Messages (or Expanded) view, then put the message number in the little box at the top toward the right side.  If the message doesn't happen to be at a page dividing line, it won't be at the top of the results page.  You'll need to scroll down until you see the message with the blue bar on the left (there's no indicator on the Expanded page, so you'll need to remember which number you looked for.)

ACCOUNT - Account

In, your EMAIL address is your ACCOUNT ID.

 You're a group member but haven't logged in yet, or you forget your password:

Click on Log In (at the top right). NOT Sign Up!!!

Click on Email me a link to log in.

When the email from arrives, open the email and click on the link that was sent to you. Follow the instructions. Note: If you don't see the email from, check your spam or junk mail folder.

You stay logged for 30 days. Logins expire after 30 days of inactivity. It auto-renews if you visit However if you delete cookies,  or if your browser or device does not store cookies, you will be logged out and have to do it again.

 The cookie is created by logging in.

-- It expires in 30 days if you haven't visited on this device, or if you delete your browser cookies.

-- If you are using a shared or public computer, you might want to use a private window if available AND set your own password (see below).

-- If you want to reset the cookie, you have to log in again.

-- Group emails will be delivered to you whether you are logged in or not.

See Can't Find Any Group Content  for more info on logging in if your 30-day login expires.

If you wish, you can create your own password

Note: The login page also contains options for logging in with Facebook or Google.

Setting Your Own Password

Maybe you've been using the Email me a link to log in feature to log in without a password.

Or clicked through a link in an Invitation, which also logged you in without a password.

Or perhaps you were transferred from a Yahoo Group or Google group, accepted an invitation by email, or joined by email, and you have just been getting the messages by email.

Now you want to read older messages or use tools on your group's website, such as files or the calendar. You can (continue to) use the Email me a link to log infeature or you can set a password to log in to

If you are not logged in and want to set a password:

Visit any page.

At the upper right you will see:

Click the link to Log In.

On the Log In page, click the Email me a link to log in button.

Follow the instructions to send a Log In message to your email address

When you receive that message click on the link in it.

You are now logged in, proceed as below:

If you are logged in without a password and want to set your own:

Visit any page.

At the upper right, you will see your name and a down arrow (upside-down triangle). Click on your name.

Click Account. The login page appears.

In the Password field, enter a password that is a minimum of 6 characters long. This password will apply to all groups that you're subscribed to that use the email address you logged in with. If you use a different email address with some groups, that email address has its own account and requires its own password.

Click the Change Password button.


Important - your email address is your account ID.

Changing Your Email Address

  1. Log into 
    Note: If you don't have a password already, you can create one from the main page or use one of the other options (log in with Facebook or Google). 
  2. On the home page for your group, click on your name in the top right corner.
  3. Click Account.
  4. On the login page that appears, enter your new email address in the Email field
  5. Click the Change Email button.


Adding an Email Alias

Since your account ID is your email address, you can only email from that address, unless you set an email alias. This is useful if you wanted to email to a group from your work computer. 

However, you will not receive mail to that email alias.

Set that up on your group site - go to your name in the top right corner

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Select "Account" from the top right after logging in. 
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says "Advanced Settings For Email Aliases" and click on the right arrow at the far right of that line.
  4. Enter the e-mail alias in the space below the text, then click the blue "Add Email Alias" button right below it.

Merging Accounts

If you have two or more accounts, you lose the advantage of seeing all messages from your groups in one list using Your Groups and managing muted or followed topics and hashtags.
You can merge the accounts. (Do it one email address at a time!)

Decide which email address will be your account. 
Log into your outlier group. Go to your name in the top right corner.
Change your email address to your correct one. Save.
You will be prompted about merging.
You must confirm through the email.

Customizing Your Profile (Identity)

Go to your Account page - under your name (top right).

The left side of your account page displays these options:


Login - your email address - change it here. Password - change or delete. Email aliases.
Preferences - time zone, date format, editor preference on the website, receiving your own posts by email
Security - set up 2-factor authentification
Identity - your profile. See details below.
Other Services - oauth logins, if any
Recent Bounces
Billing - (N/A to WoSARS) If you have a premium or enterprise account, your credit card on file and payment history.

Your Profile

Click Identity
On that page, you can set a display name, tell others about yourself, and post a photo if you would like to do so. You can set this information for the site (your account profile) and/or for each group you're subscribed to (group profiles).



  • Syncing With Google Calendar -  At the bottom of the calendar page is a blue "Subscribe to Calendar" button. Click that and copy the URL it gives you. Then in the Google calendar /settings/add calendar - click "From URL". and copy in the URL Programme Sites URL. Current evidence suggests that Google will refresh by reading the URL once a day. 

CHATS provides a Chats feature that members can use to create and participate in interactive chats on a group’s website in real time. Be aware that:

  • Group owners determine whether the Chats feature is available in their groups and, if it is, who can create new chats: all members or only owners and moderators.
  • When someone creates a chat, sends an email notification to group members. After that, ongoing activity in the chat does not generate additional email notifications. Members must log in to to participate in and monitor chats.
  • All group members can participate in chats. does not provide a “private” chat option that allows chat creators to restrict chats to subsets of group members.
  • In some web browsers, the Chat page does not display activity in real time. To see new chat content, members might need to refresh the Chat page periodically.
  • The Chat page does not display any indication that someone is composing a response. Participants do not see that chat activity is occurring until someone actually posts their response


DATABASE - Various

  • Contacts - 

DATE & TIME - Setting (Also see TIMEZONE below) Sites accommodate various Date and Time Standards:

USA - mm.dd.yy(yy)/12hrs

European -

ISO 8601 (Military)

The time displayed via your browser will be as you have set it. To set or change do the following:

  • Log into Site. (you will already be logged in as you are reading this)
  • In the Log-on click (Jack - GM4COX shown in my case) on the top Right Hand corner a small window will open showing ACCOUNT & LOG-OUT. Click on ACCOUNT.
  • A window will open offering you various options. On the left hand sidebar click PREFERENCES. In the TIME DISPLAY box select the format you wish.
  • In the DATE DISPLAY box select the format you wish.
  • Head down to the bottom of the window and click the UPDATE PREFERENCES button.


This discussion Group complements the Club's website - by providing a 'rolling' Programme Of Events taking place within and outwith the Club's premises, and the SOLDER GROUP (the technical arm of the Club providing tuition & examination up to the  FULL LEVEL AMATEUR LICENCE) within the premises of the Electron Club. Please checkout the CALENDAR on the sidebar for further details.


  • What is the Directory for? The directory contains links to member's group profile. For a member to appear in the directory that member must choose to reveal some profile information (See below).
  • What is a Group Profile?  Each member's Subscription page has a "Group Profile" tab where the member can edit what information is shown to other members. By default each member's profile starts as a copy of their Account profile, but the member can customise the information shown in each group of which they are a member.
  • Other Group Members can't see my details?  For other Group Members to see your details within the Directory you have to set your Profile PRIVACY Settings at - OTHER MEMBERS OF YOUR GROUP. So this is how you do it:

    • Go into SUBSCRIPTION on the Side Bar
    • Select GROUP PROFILE (one of the top headers)
    • You will now be taken into your own Profile Page - select the blue EDIT GROUP PROFILE (bottom left)
    • Scroll down to PRIVACY SETTINGS and set this to OTHER MEMBERS OF YOUR GROUP

EMAILS - Members

  • Receiving Emails From Site 
    • Emails from the Site arrive in my Spam Folder - Please read this LINK .
    • Email - "Member Unsubscribed From Group"  Don't Panic. When this happens, you'll get an email from the Site explaining what happened that includes a link to resume membership. For further information checkout this LINK . See below for further for further information as to why this has happened.
    • Reducing Emails from Site. Select the SUBSCRIPTION tab on the Side Window. Under Email Delivery there is a selection of ways in which you may wish to receive emails - from all Individual Messages to No Email (however if you select this option and you are not registered on the emailing facility you will not receive any emails from either this Programme Site or WoSARS in general. So if you miss something? - you have been warned!).
  • Email Notifying You That You That 'You Have Been Automatically Unsubscribed'


    • Your membership in was deleted because you deleted a message from as Spam. Please note that putting the message(s) in the Spam Folder may have been done by your email service provider, not by you. There are a few providers who seem to be more prone to putting messages in spam.

      You should have an email from WoSARS with instructions on how to rejoin with no approval required. This email is good for 3 days. If you have deleted this email or can’t find it (Check your Spam folder) or the 3 days have expired, I will add you back to the group. If you do not wish to continue as a member of the group, please respond to this message and ask that I not add you back.

      To Prevent this from happening again, Do Not empty your Spam Folder without checking to see if there are emails from WoSARS. If you delete a WoSARS Email as Spam, your membership in Programme WoSARS Groups IO will be terminated. This is due to some Email Provider policies that require this action. If this happens, Please Move any WoSARS emails from the Spam folder to your Inbox before deleting. For detailed information on this subject:

FILES - Various Folders

Members can UPLOAD (and Download) in most 'native' formats ie .pdf, doc, txt etc. When uploading please insert into the relevant folder that you think the file relates to. Thanks.

  • AFFILIATED SOCIETIES NEWSLETTER - The Club is affiliated to the RSGB and as a consequence receives a monthly Newsletter. At present these letters come to the Club's Treasurer.
  • GROUPS.IO DOCUMENTS - This 'Chatsite' resides within a GROUPS.IO platform (similar to Yahoo, Outlook Forums). From time to time information from GROUPS.IO is published which maybe of relevance to our members in assisting in using the Site.
  • OPERATING INFORMATION -  Within this folder there is information covering such topics as bands, modes ............etc
  • PROGRAMME INFORMATION - This folder relates to associated files to the update and maintenance of the Club's - Programme Of Events specifically the Programme Of Events - WORKSHEET.
  • TECHNICAL INFORMATION - Containing such information as, charts, application files, etc.......


Bulk File Upload

How to Do It: 

  1. Select "Files" on the left-side menu, browse through the existing directory structure, and select where you want the files to go.
  2. Click on the blue "Upload File" button at the top of the page.
  3. In the resulting Upload File dialog, click the Browse button.
  4. Select as many files as you want from the resulting File Explorer "Open" window. In Windows, you can do this by clicking and dragging with the mouse, or hold down the CTRL key while clicking on several files.  If there are several contiguous files, select the first, hold Shift, and select the last.  CTRL-A will also work to select all the files, but you have to click somewhere in the "Open" box first.
  5. When you're done making your selections, click the Open button at the bottom.
  6. The files you selected should now appear as thumbnails in the Upload dialog. Some of these thumbnails may not render properly, and could even display an error message. Don't worry about this, it's not important.
  7. Enter a description if you want and click the blue Add button to actually upload them.

Note:  You may have noticed that if you select a folder, the folder will not appear among the thumbnails in the Upload dialog. There is no provision within to upload a folder and its contents in one step. You have to manually create the directory structure within first, using a series of "New Folder" operations. At that point you can then upload a collection of files into each folder.




Includes all members, including subscription information such as email address and delivery settings.

PHOTOS - Albums

Members can UPLOAD (and Download) in most 'native' formats ie jpg, gif, png etc. When uploading please insert into the relevant folder that you think the file relates to. Thanks.

  • Aerials - as the name implies shows photos of members aerials and indeed other aerial shots such as contests, mobile, portable, arrays etc....
  • Construction Competition - as the name implies contains photos of the most recent and previous entries and people
  • E-Mailed - Updating
  • Graphics - these are graphics that are used on this Site and for WoSARS publicity. 
  • Out & About - Updating
  • The QSL Wall - contains Members QSL cards, and other cards of interest. If you would like a card included either scan your card  (in a jpg format) or bring it along to a Club meeting and if appropriate a Moderator will scan for inclusion.
  • Stan's Quiz - relates to graphics and pictures used to in support of a question raised within the Quiz.


POSTING (Messages) - Members

The MESSAGE Section within the Site provides a simple and effective way for members and non-members to exchange ideas and thoughts on subjects relating to amateur radio and associated topics which in turn could be discussed more fully at a Club Night (#Club-Night) or Talk (#Talk_internal #Talk_external). Posts are NOT visible to the Public therefore the contents are kept within the Group. However if there is a topic that we think of interest to the wider amateur community this could be Posted on the Home Page of our WEBSITE for further discussion (as per the Posting policy for Non-Members - see below)

  • Replying to a Posting - Copy and Inserting text. Before you respond to a Post (by the REPLY button) highlight the section of text you wish to respond to, then hit the reply button. The section of text is now automatically inserted and highlighted in your response.

POSTING - Non Members

Non members can email points of discussion to the Site Moderators - for consideration, and if approved, will be Posted within the MESSAGE Section to complement an Existing Post or indeed the creation of a New Post. (of course this is a bit of a paradox in that non-members can't see the Wiki. However if you are speaking to non-members you can of course keep them straight as to the Site's Posting policy - hi!)


Posting - Viewing

  • View by Date - latest First or Last - Above the message window you will see DATE and an UP ^ or DOWN Arrow. Click on this arrow - if the Arrow is shown in the Up position it will show the oldest (the initial Post) first. And likewise if Down the latest Post first.
  • The message is Truncated - this may happen if the message contains a large content. If this is the case on the Lower Left of the message window you will notice a small Blue Box with three dots [...] within it. Click on it and the whole content of the message will be displayed.


Posting - Responding

  • When you reply to a POST you may wish to include "Quote" a section (or sections) from the POST or other POSTS within your reply. To include your QUOTE initially highlight the section of text that you wish to include. Now hit the REPLY on the POST you wish to reply to. Your highlighted text is now included in your response along with the originator and time.
  • To add additional sections of text do initially as above. Now go back to the POST you are replying to and copy the next section and paste into your responding POST. Now highlight this pasted in text then head up to the Post Text Editor HEADER where you will see the Inverted Commas graphic. Click and you will see your highlighted text has been 'tabbed' in and block highlighted.
  • You may wish to take readers to a Specific POST in your response. If it's within the Topic you are responding to head back up to that specific POST and you will notice a # along with a number beside it. Click it and in your browsers address line will be the full URL of the POST. Copy this URL into your Post. Now you may notice that your 'reply'  POST has disappeared - don't panic! The Site has stored your response so far in DRAFTS (lefthand window). Click the DRAFT and you will be presented with your POST at last point of text entry. Likewise if you wish to direct the reader to a POST not within the Topic - head to MESSAGES (lefthand window) and use the SEARCH facility to track it down. Again note the # and number and Click it. And carry on as above.


Posting - Topics (Extracts Off The 'Groups Managers Forum')

  • Does FOLLOWING a topic mean you get the emails from it even though you have emails turned off for the group? Or does is simply undo muting a topic? If the former, how do you do it? I can't find the interface - NO - Following has meaning only when you've selected "Following Only" in the Advanced Preferences of your Subscription to the group. Then it controls which messages are sent to you as Individual or Digest, if you have one of those selected as your Email Delivery. If you have Special Notices Only or No Email delivery that has precedence over Following.
  • Or does is simply undo MUTING a topic? - NO - UNMUTE does that. Note that Mute and Unmute are used when you have "All Messages" selected rather than "Following Only" in your Message Selection option.
  • If the former, how do you do it? I can't find the interface. - The links to follow or unfollow a topic are included in your emails only if you have selected "Following Only".

    If you read messages in your group's Messages section the Mute and Follow functions have no effect. IMO that's a major bit of unfinished work. At this point I would implement those as filters (the Tools button) in the Messages, Topics and Expanded lists of each group.

    As things stand, to see them on the web you have to go to the home page (click the logo on the top left) then choose from the buttons in the left column. These combine messages from all of your subscriptions.


QSL WALL - Current & Past Members

It contains Member's (and Past Members) QSL cards, and other cards that maybe of interest to the Group. If you would like a card included either scan your card  (in a jpg format) and add to the Folder, or bring it along to a Club meeting and if appropriate a Moderator will scan for inclusion.


SEARCH - For Messages In The Archive


Checkout this LINK from the Groups.IO Help Centre.


STAN'S QUIZ - Various - Stan McQueen - GM8MRW

Was a longstanding & regular attendee to our Friday night meetings. As well as entering into technical discussions (specifically relating to his professional career in Metallurgy) he produced a multi questionnaire quiz covering both technical and general knowledge. Stan passed away in March 2017.

In order to keep his memory alive within the Club, it was decided to continue his quiz in a slightly different format. Stan's original questionnaire as mentioned consisted of a selection of questions which were dutifully answered by the members present, or if they were struggling by Stan himself. However due to time constraints answers could have been more fully explained. As such it was suggested that we concentrate on one question - technical or general knowledge.

The question, if technical would follow the old City & Guilds - RAE (Radio Amateur Exam) format in that to answer the question you would have to give a full explanation as to how you came by your answer.

A suitable question would be set for a non talk night #Club-Night #Club-Night-SummerBreak and Posted as a message beforehand. A club member (who would be given the answer) would be nominated to present the answer with a fuller explanation, to the rest of the Club on the specific night. The nominated member does not have to come up with the full explanation if their struggling and indeed this maybe to the good in that the members are now able to assist with their own thoughts as to how the original answer came about.

Checkout #Stan's-Quiz from the HOME Page, or HASHTAGS Page for questions and answers that follow the relevant Threads.


TIME-ZONE (Setting) - Calendar

Each member has a Timezone setting on the Preferences page of their account; that controls how they see events in the calendars of their groups; and the timezone of events they create.

When looking at a group's calendar there's a duplicate of that Timezone control below the calendar grid. This provides a convenient way for a member to change his/her account timezone preference without navigating away from the calendar page.

The timezone setting in the Default Sub Settings tab of your group's Settings page provides a default for someone new who joins your group and has never previously joined a group or set his/her account's timezone setting. Same with TIME & DATE display format (see above).

When a member creates an event, it is defaulted to the timezone the member is currently using. However the member can change the event's timezone when creating or editing it. Each event can have its own timezone.

When a member looks at an event in the calendar, the event's timezone is used to calculate when the event should appear in the member's timezone.

For example, if a member in New York creates an event for 5pm Eastern, a member in Los Angeles looking at that event in Pacific time will see it as 2pm - adjusted for the three hour timezone difference.


Directory - 

To allow other Group Members to see your details remember to set your PROFILE Privacy Settings to: OTHER MEMBERS OF YOUR GROUP (see under DIRECTORY in Wiki).

Postings - 

It would be beneficial to add at least one #TAG to your Post. This allows for an easier search relating to the Topic.

On an existing Post if replying and you are creating a new area of discussion please use the NEW TOPIC tab on the Sidebar.

When viewing a Post remember to use the DATE box (upper right hand corner) to select Latest or First by changing the ^ or down arrow within the box.

Email Response To A Post - 

Remember if you don't wish to receive individual emails to your email account you can change the setting with in the SUBSCRIPTION tab on the Sidebar. See the EMAILS Section of the Wiki for more information.


Hashtags provide a simple way to band together messages with similar topics. Select a suitable # from HASHTAGS Page.

WoSARS Programme Group - Wiki