CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB (All Times Shown Z)

Jack - GM4COX (Club Secretary & Programme)
Saturday, October 26th, 2019 12:00am to
Sunday, October 27th, 2019 11:59pm
(UTC+01:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London (BST)
CQ Magazine www.cqww.com
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Edit 28/09/19 POST off MEMBERS FORUM:

This wekend was the cqww contest, probably the largest in the world,so a great opertunity to try and make afew contacts.
So Saturday morning Alan, Sam, Stewart and myself went up with what we would normally take away for field day,Iota etc.
It took about 1.5 hours to set up the 2 x 40ft poles and raise the 80mtr loop.
Then to the renovated shack, and the FT 920 was quickly set up and running.
Stewart brought his newly aquirsd Icom730 to have a play with.
As soon as the radio was going stewart dipped his toe into the contest quickly getting to grips with it and making some contacts. Then yours truly had a go for a few minutes.
Gas was got and the old stove in the other cabin was put to good use boiling
Water for tea/coffee.
As the day went on we had a few little showers and the wind was chilly. So good use was made of the cut down bushes in the form of a fire which allan kept going, as you do we took turns on the radio or standing round the fire thinking about how the place will look when everything is done. We had all dinished and headed home about 8pm.
Sunday Morning started about 10.30 with Michael  Bartak allan and mysel, it did not take long for everything to be up ans running and Bartak and Michael were soon at the radio getting o ne on the radio and one on the computer.
As the day went on the fire was reatoked and kept running all day which cleared a lot of the logs,twigs etc lying and as well as playing with the radio we got to work on making a dipole for Michael and Bartak getting out the Ft818 and setting up a long wire sling into the trees. Stewart arrived and after setti g up his slim jim on a sota pole made a vew contacts, he then got to work explaining about drm to me and I had my first digital contact with him at a distance of about 5 mtrs :)
I looked at eveything that was going on and sais to myself, this is what a radio club is all about, people out at the shack chin wagging experimenting learning and generally enjoying the company of friends and the hobby.
People had to get off ho e at varying times late afternoon. At Bout 4.30 alan and I started taking down the antenna and masts assisted by Sam who had arrived to help.
Looking forward to the next time we can get up and play radio.
Thanks to all who came for making the weekend work and also rhanks ro all those who have been up getti g thi gs to where they are now. More work still to be done but the shack works as it is and will get better as we get more work completed.

Ok I have rambled on too much.
See you all Friday at the club.

Ernie GM0EZP
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