Munros on the Air - James Gentles - GM4WZP - Bill 2M0WWC

Jack - GM4COX (Club Secretary & Programme)
Friday, November 15th, 2019
8:00pm to 10:00pm
(UTC+01:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London (BST)
21 Rose Street, Glasgow, G3 6RE
James was the first radio amateur to complete all Scottish Munro's in the 1980's by having at least one radio contact from each. Following Jame's endeavours SWAMP (The Scottish Worked All Munros Project - under the auspice of WoSARS & Jack - GM4COX) was created.  Which in turn has been superceded by SOTA .

James will be reminiscing as to the equipment used and the 'trials & tribulations' in Activating all 277 (at the time) Munro's.

18/07/19 An update from James:

Jack - For your your program.


Title: MOTA, or, MUNROS on the Air

Synopsis: 30 years ago GM4WZP activated all Scotland’s “Munros” (hills over 3000ft) on 2m , and claims he is still the only person to have done this.  Whilst majoring on how this was achieved practically, and with some statistical analysis of the achievement, James also looks back to set  what he did in the context of /P operating in Scotland and worldwide, and how this led to SOTA.


For an image of the presentation see the LRS archive - HERE .


James Gentles GM4WZP, currently QTHR in Edinburgh has been a keen photographer, Amateur and engineer since the early 1980s when he started his career with HP and was introduced to Amateur Radio and Munros. More recently James has been running his own business helping non-conventional photographers with electronics to enable creative images. Talking to James you are guaranteed an unusual view of reality!

"Talking to James you are guaranteed an unusual view of reality!"  - I can vouch for this - Jack(:>)

16/11/19 - Update: Posted on Programme Forum:

"Good night last night with a healthy attendance.

And I must thank James for coming through to Glasgow and entertaining us with his reminiscences of his early radio sojourings on the Munros along his superb photos.

Thanks James ( this Posting forwarded off my @gmail account)

And for those that were unable to attend, you may like to visit the Lothians Radio Society Website to view James presentation - HERE ."


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