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WELCOME - This is the discussion Group of the West of Scotland Amateur Radio Society (WoSARS) - open to Members and Non-Members. Based in GLASGOW, SCOTLAND, the Site complements the Club's website - wosars.club by providing a 'rolling' Programme Of Events taking place within and outwith the Club's premises - 21 Rose Street, GLASGOW, G3 6RE , and the SOLDER GROUP (the technical & project side of the Club, also providing mentoring up to the FULL LEVEL AMATEUR LICENCE within the premises of the Electron Club ). Please checkout the CALENDAR on the sidebar for further details.

It also provides a simple and effective way for members and non-members to exchange ideas and thoughts on subjects relating to amateur radio and associated topics, which in turn could be discussed more fully at a Club Night (#Club-Night) or a dedicated Talk (#Talk_internal #Talk_external).

(Non members can email points of discussion to the Site ModeratorsWoSARS for consideration, and if approved, will be Posted within the MESSAGE Section to complement an Existing Post or indeed the creation of a New Post)

A more comprehensive set of instructions, definitions and settings utilised within the Site are given in the WIKI at the bottom of the Sidebar.

Thanks for visiting. And if you think you have something of interest to contribute - then please POST to - programme@WoSARS.groups.io

73 from us all at GS4AGG - and possibly see you some Wednesday or Friday?

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